Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Metro Police Install 37 Security Cameras on the Las Vegas Strip

In many criminal trials, footage from nearby security cameras can be important evidence in the prosecution’s cases. Security cameras can provide concrete evidence of a crime, or they can be used to prove that an accused individual was not at the scene of an alleged offense. Recently, the Las Vegas Metro Police Department decided to install 37 new security cameras on the Las Vegas Strip to help keep individuals accountable for their actions.

The Las Vegas Strip has always been a hotbed for crime, and the police hope that by installing these cameras they will be able to catch more offenders who are involved in violent offenses. All the new security cameras are high-definition, full-pan-tilt zoom cameras .

The captain of the LVMPD says that the cameras cover a large portion of the Strip, from the Welcome to Las Vegas sign all the way down to Sahara. The Department of Homeland Security gave the LVMPD a $300,000 grant to assist in the purchase and installation of this surveillance technology. Officers say that the new cameras have already helped them significantly in the past two months. For example, recently police were able to locate a man who planted a suspicious device in hotel landscaping by utilizing the cameras placed near the scene.

If you have been charged with a crime, utilizing the footage from these cameras could work to your advantage. Regardless of the evidence the prosecutor has against you, you need an aggressive Las Vegas criminal defense attorney to advocate for you in court. Contact De Castroverde Law Group to learn more about the benefits of hiring our experienced team!