Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Understanding Nevada’s DMV Point System

In order to encourage individuals to drive safely in Nevada, the DMV employs a demerit point system in addition to tickets and fines for driving offenses. If you are cited for violating a traffic law anywhere in the state, demerit points will be assigned to your driving record. The number of points assigned will be based upon the alleged traffic offense.

If you receive 12 or more points within any 12-month period, your license will be suspended for 6 months. Below is a list of some of the most common traffic offenses in Las Vegas and the number of points you will get for committing the offenses.

Points for Speeding
  • Driving 1-10 mph over the posted limit – 1 point
  • Driving 11-20 mph over the posted limit – 2 points
  • Driving 21-30 mph over the posted limit – 3 points
  • Driving 31-40 mph over the posted limit – 4 points
  • Driving 41 mph or more over the posted limit – 5 points

Points for Other Offenses
  • Failure to dim your headlights – 2 points
  • Driving too slow, impeding traffic – 2 points
  • Texting or hand-held phone use (2 or more offenses) – 4 points
  • Failure to yield to right-of-way – 4 points
  • Passing a school bus with flashing signals – 4 points
  • Following another vehicle too closely – 4 points
  • Failure to obey a stop sign or traffic signal – 4 points
  • Failure to provide aid or give your information at the scene of an accident – 6 points
  • Careless Driving – 6 points
  • Reckless Driving – 8 points

Getting a ticket may not seem like a big deal, but the points can add up fast and lead to harsh consequences. If you were wrongfully ticketed, an attorney can help you fight the citation and corresponding penalties. Visit our Traffic Tickets page to learn how De Castroverde Law Group can help.