Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Excessive Force Injuries

Police officers, security guards, and bouncers have the often difficult task of keeping people safe and controlling the crowds on the streets of Las Vegas and in the many clubs, casinos, and hotels. Although their job is to protect, sometimes they go too far and use excessive force, harming innocent people.

Excessive force occurs when officers and security personnel use more force than is reasonably needed to subdue or arrest a person. The amount of reasonable force that should be used depends upon the specific circumstances of the incident, including:
  • The seriousness of the person’s alleged offense
  • Whether the person is a direct threat to the safety of others
  • Whether the person is resisting arrest
If the officer or security guard used more force than was necessary against you and caused you to be harmed, you may be able to seek justice under personal injury law.

Examples of Excessive Force

There are many different actions that can qualify as excessive force, depending upon the situation. Some examples of excessive force include:
  • Using physical force on a person who is not resisting or is already in custody
  • Using a weapon against an unarmed person
  • Allowing a police dog to attack a person without need
  • Using pepper spray improperly or without need
  • Improperly restraining a person
  • Tackling a person without need
  • Kicking, choking, or punching a person without need
  • Spitting on a person in custody
Excessive force can lead to soft tissue injuries, broken bones, catastrophic injuries, and even death in the most tragic of circumstances. If you were a victim of excessive force in Las Vegas, it’s important to know that you have legal rights.

We encourage you to contact our experienced personal injury attorneys at De Castroverde Law Group to discuss your case. Our team can evaluate your situation and determine your options to seek compensation for your injuries. Visit our Excessive Force page or call us today to learn more!